Who cares about titles? BABY PICTURES

Happy Holidays/New Years/Appropriate Seasonal Greeting/Whatever you do or don’t celebrate!

God it’s been a while, huh? It feels like I’m always doing a post apologizing for being too busy to write and saying I’m going to try better only to do the whole song and dance again four months or so later. (This probably is like, the second or third time I’ve made this same observation; I’m honestly too scared to check.)

Life has been rough for a while now. I’ve had some serious personal losses that I haven’t wanted to talk about here. But since these events were so big and are things I’m still dealing with this ended up making me want to write less and less. I don’t know if I will write about what’s been going on lately (I don’t think anyone wants another influx of negativity and sadness) but I will try harder to find a way to get writing back. I might write up a whole account of the bull shit that’s been going on and just like, not do anything with it. Just try to get the whole shebang out and see if that’ll help me move past it to write about some of the better things that have been happening.

Ivy is almost seven months old now (!!!) and has been an absolute joy. She’s eating solid foods now with her milk and has been enjoying tasting new fruits and veggies when she can. I’m going to have to start giving her meat soon for the iron but I’m going to look into crafting my own foodstuffs for her in that department since I have yet to find a commercial baby meat product (that’s meat product for babies, not meat product made out of babies) that doesn’t look, smell and (I assume) taste like cat food/vomit. Seriously, corporate America, get your shit together on this. The first one of you to make a baby meat food that doesn’t taste like total dog-ass will probably earn ALL of the money as desperate parents flock to your products in droves.

BUT ENOUGH BLABBITY BLAB. LET’S SEE SOME ADORABLE FREAKING PHOTOS OF MY DAUGHTER ALREADY! I’m only gonna post one up front and the rest will be after the jump.


More after the jump!

We had a good Christmas here. Ivy enjoyed being around my family, resisted naps like the devil (everything was just too exciting!) and found the whole present thing to be extremely confusing but also incredibly exciting.


She didn’t seem to mind the bows on her head. Their numbers grew as more presents were opened


“Hmmmm. Why I wonder what this could be? Only one way to tell for sure.”




As you can see, by the end of it she was rocking a sort of bow-hawk.

I can’t believe how much personality Ivy has already. She smiles at everyone she knows (she finally figured out what strangers are and gives them the side eye before deciding that they are now Best Friends Forever and grinning like a maniac) and has a love of soft things that is unparalleled. Thus the cats are her Most Favorite Things but since she shows her love of soft things by tasting them the cats have all learned to keep their distance. So poor Ivy has to stalk inanimate soft prey, like the fuzzy-soft interior lining of winter coats.


A little fuzzy but still good


Uh oh, totally busted

A few weeks before Christmas Matt, Ivy and I all went to the aquarium. It was really a fun trip because the tanks were all fascinating to Ivy whether the fish were close or not (and most of them were very front and center) and she could cautiously lean forward to touch the glass. (She didn’t try hitting the tanks at all but she did try licking the glass a lot. I did my best to stop her but… Well she’s gotta build up her immune system somewhere, right?)


The botanical garden is also part of the aquarium ticket purchase so we thought we would check it out. We didn’t get very far before the excitement of the whole outing completely tuckered Ivy out.


Hoping you all are having a great start to the new year and hope to talk to you again soon.


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