+1 Baby, -1 Organ

(This is gonna be a short post because my pain is coming back again and I’m probably gonna have to lay down after this.) Woooo what a crazy past few weeks it’s been for me! Not six hours after I posted my rant at not being in labor yet (from Saturday, June 25th) I was rushing to the hospital! Not in labor, mind you, but because I was experiencing the worst pain in my life in my right, upper abdomen, directly under my right breast.

There will be more details on this in the upcoming birth story I’m working on for Ivy, but to give a brief explanation: I had HELLP syndrome. Never heard of HELLP before? Neither had I at the time. It’s essentially the meaner, more dangerous, bitchy older sister of pre-eclampsia and like pre-eclampsia, the only cure for it is to have the baby so I got to be induced. Neither Matt nor I realized at the time just how dangerous or bad having HELLP was because the doctors were super professional about it and my mom and sister used extreme poker faces so as to not make me worried or scared unnecessarily.

Regardless, Ivy and I came out of the birth okay and in one piece so I’m happy nothing bad happened. Ivy’s a good baby. She’s super cute and sweet and (so far) it has been fairly easy to meet her needs and keep her happy. I haven’t been sleeping nearly as much as I could be simply because I find myself not wanting to put her back in her bassinet after she falls asleep, choosing instead to hold her close and snuggle with her while she sleeps.


But for all my excitement in giving birth, the universe wasn’t quite ready to let me rest yet. Tuesday found me having extreme pain in the upper right quadrant yet again while I was eating breakfast. I called my doctor who told me to go to the ER immediately to make sure it wasn’t a complication of the HELLP.

So back to the hospital we went, leaving Ivy with Red until we could find out what was happening. The good news is that my liver is fine and it wasn’t the HELLP. The bad news was that it was my gallbladder being full of stones and inflamed. The doctor said my gallbladder was about half a step from being the worst it could be and needed to be taken out ASAP.

So I got admitted to the surgical floor and early Wednesday afternoon underwent laparoscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder. (There will eventually be a full post about this; again, this is justĀ a fast update before my abdomen and shoulder become too painful to sit upright anymore.) I got to come home again yesterday and am doing my best to walk around when the pain isn’t bad to work all the excess gas outta my body.

(For those not in the know, the surgeons fill your abdomen with gas to give themselves enough room to remove the gallbladder. They drain as much of that gas out as they can but they can’t get all of it so the rest sits inside you and won’t get worked out unless you walk around. My gas is all up on my diaphragm and since our brains don’t have a direct line to tell us when our diaphragm hurts or not, the pain gets referred to the right shoulder and neck. So when it feels like my shoulder has broken glass under my skin it’s actually just because my diaphragm is hurting and my brain doesn’t know how to feel that. Referred pain is SO WEIRD.)

So that’s how my life has been going lately. So in love with Ivy, walking like a broken person from the surgery and quite sick of being in hospitals to be honest. Here’s hoping that I get to enjoy some time of good health!