Short ‘n’ Boring Update

So I had my first legitimate moment of pregnancy brain yesterday. I was supposed to be driving to Matt’s work to do some temp stuff and I got ridiculously lost.

Now I have been to Matt’s work multiple times. Heck, I have to go there at least once a week to perform my duties as Office Cleaning Lady. So I’m no stranger to the route that takes me from my home to his work. On top of everything else, getting to his work is as easy as driving in a straight line and making two turns at the end.

I still don’t know what happened. I got in my car, everything seemed to be going fine when suddenly I realized that I was nowhere I had ever seen before. Matt’s work is nestled on the edge of a dense community of warehouses and big scary machine places that churn out huge pieces of construction equipment and the like. I ‘came to’ as it were, somewhere in that maze of warehouses. I had no idea where I was or how I got there.

Fortunately, the gods of luck must have been on my side because through no ingenuity of my own (I was too busy squealing with panic and taking random turns down random streets) I found myself a short time later somewhere that looked familiar and made my way to Matt’s building from there.


I don’t like being lost, coupled with the fear that I didn’t even realize anything was going wrong until I was already well entrenched in Scary Place. It’s hard enough not being able to trust other parts of my body (since they have all become rather mutinous under the pregnancy) but now I have to be distrustful of my brain too! Ughhh.

The weather is finally turning cold in my neck of the woods. It’s nice when my body decides I’m overheating and I have to step out to feel some cold air on my face. It’s less nice when my body decides to flip its switch to the other side and suddenly I’m so freezing cold I’m squirreled away under massive piles of blankets, teeth chattering with cold. I’m just like, “Gaaah! Will you just pick a lane?!”

Considering the cold, I’m more nervous for next week when Matt and I get to go to Chicago for his company’s annual Christmas party and hooplah. I’ve never been to Chicago before and I’m pretty sure that my thin long sleeved shirts are going to offer very little protection from the considerably stronger Illinois winds. I figure I’ll end up doing what I have to do during bad New Mexico winters: layer up so much some people suspect I’m homeless. Or they would, if they weren’t as layered up as me.

As short and as boring as this post is, I think I’m gonna end it here so I can actually eat lunch. I have a somewhat interesting story to tell about the kitties but it doesn’t really fit in with what I’ve already put so I’m just gonna type it up as a short post for later. At an attempt to intrigue you and maybe pique your curiosity, I will say that it involves mystery, noses, icky things, and a small PG rating for blood.

Honestly, I can understand if it doesn’t sound like an appealing story. I definitely would have sidestepped the whole misadventure if I could have but now that it’s done I think it’s kind of funny and honestly, if a blog isn’t the place to put rambly, pointless writing up for All to See, then I don’t know what is.